CoVID-19 Outbreak

Dear parents/patients,

As you are feeling bored isolating you and your children at home, you will be comforted that the number of new cases of CoVID-19 infections in China is showing some decline. In Hong Kong we continue to see some new cases. However, the increase is erratic and not in a geometric scale. We look forward to the day when we can also control the outbreak here. We believe that the present strategy of

  • Close surveillance
  • Social distancing
  • Vigorous hand washing
  • Good personal and home hygiene

will be eventually successful.

We think the most important thing we should remember is


We receive many calls about illnesses and about postponing appointments. Many parents are worried about exposing their children or themselves to infection when attending a medical facility. The reality is, it depends on what facility you are attending.

In our clinic, we have a close surveillance of illness symptoms, masking and vigorous hand hygiene. We also disinfect the whole clinic repeatedly. But we feel that the most important fact is that attendance has dropped significantly. In fact, we space out appointments so that patients get faster and more attentive service and can leave the clinic as soon as possible. Therefore, we consider it safe if not very safe to attend the clinic now. So do not hesitate to call us should you need our services! Your safety and health are our highest concern.

Best regards,

Doctors in Children at 818